What is H.E.A.T and The Third Vision?

third-vision-who-you-areThe Third Vision is all about the science of HUMAN EMPOWERMENT AND TRANSFORMATION (H.E.A.T). It introduces a new perspectivea simple and revolutionary approach to uncover the four foundations of humanity [Body, Mind, Soul, and Social Aspects] and the connections in between them, based on science and evidence. It's an extremely powerful tool to help YOU transform personally and live the life of your dream.

This new vision helps you understand the root causes of many illnesses that mankind has been suffering from for thousands of years at individual, social, and global levels, creating an opportunity for CHANGE toward a better YOU, better HUMANITY, and better WORLD!

We simply cannot solve the challenging dilemmas of humanity with the same mind that created them! We need a new way of thinking!

Based on this culture, the H.E.A.T Movement involves members and followers who wish to achieve personal, social, and global transformation. The goal is to create a worldwide community of like-minded individuals who wish to create a positive CHANGE, hoping for a more peaceful planet and better humanity. It is a platform to help YOU achieve your goals and dreams in a scientific and evidence-based approach, and a network of positive thinkers to support you in your journey.

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Who is Dr. Francis Vala?


Dr Francis ValaFrancis Vala is a physician, author, public speaker, social entrepreneur, clinical assistant professor at the University of British Columbia, and most importantly, an inquisitive life-time student. Born in Iran and grown up in Greece, he is now living in Canada. He does not believe in true geographic borders, and considers himself to be a ‘global citizen'. Dreaming of a better world for future generations, his mission is to promote global education and awareness all across the world. His vision: “I wish to help people be EMPOWERED and TRANSFORMED so that they can achieve their highest level of potentials in any of the four foundations of BODY-MIND-SOUL-SOCIAL ASPECTS. I am not prepared to die without a contribution to the world—change for a better humanity, and a more peaceful planet!”

                    "Empowering Humans, Transforming Humanity, Through Science & Evidence"