The Secrets of Attraction


What are the laws of attraction? Are there any principles of attraction in this universe? How can we become more attractive? Why do we even need to be attractive? Attraction is a fundamental phenomenon, essential for reproduction and survival of generations, genetically encoded in each of our cells and evolved over billions of years. The…

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Spirituality has been defined in numerous ways. A belief in a power operating in the universe that is greater than oneself. Awareness of the purpose and meaning of life, and the development of ultimate personal growth and absolute values. An ultimate or alleged immaterial reality. It’s the way you find meaning, hope, comfort, and inner…

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The Art of Contentment


The source of all mentally created dissatisfactions appears to stem from comparing real-life experiences to what is defined in the mind as “ideal.” Many religions believe this was caused by man eating of the forbidden Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. “Man’s eyes were opened to know the distinction between good and evil” (Genesis…

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The Soul and the Divine Consciousness: Who Are We?

witness sun divine consciousness

The subconscious mind creates an illusion of who you truly are. The reality of you (what you appear to be) is different from the truth about YOU. It is not intelligent enough to tell the difference. It confuses your thoughts, emotions, and actions as YOU and continues to protect them as you, your identity, and…

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The Science of Happiness


Over the decades, a few psychological researchers have ventured out of the dark realm of mental illness into the sunny land of mental well-being. Perhaps the most eager explorer of this terrain was University of Illinois psychologist Edward Diener, referred to as “Dr. Happiness.” For more than two decades, Diener examined what does and does…

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The Rational Brain

rational brain

The raw material for the complex neuronal network (the hardware) does exist, but due to the lack of exposures and experiences (the software), it is not developed yet. The trillions of synapses are waiting to be wired and molded together as newborns receive signals from the world around them, and the synapses form new junctions…

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Greed is a social illness, defined as an excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth. The key word here is excessive. Today, human greed has become a global epidemic and a major threat to the existence of the entire planet. Rapid growth in…

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The Reward System


The Reward System begins with one of several neurotransmitters spreading out to a “network” and involve the other neurotransmitters in what resembles a cascade (see diagram). As a result, one feels secure, calm, comfortable, and satisfied, referred to as the “reward”. In its simplest definition, Reward Deficiency Syndrome is what occurs when such “networking” does…

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It pays to exercise – even in later life

It’s never too late to exercise: even if taken up in later years, regular exercising can treble the chances for a healthy old age. This is the outcome of a study conducted by a British-Canadian research team published in the “British Journal of Sports Medicine”. Over the course of eight years, 3,500 healthy test persons…

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Short runs are just as healthy as long ones

div>Running is good for one’s health. The results of a US study published in the “Journal of the American College of Cardiology” shows that this is not only valid for intensive stints but also for short units of five to 10 minutes per day. Researchers from the University of Iowa (Ames) analysed data from more…

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