Event: “Nutritional Myths and Facts” June 8th, 2014

The Canadian Iranian Foundation would like to invite you to an interesting presentation “Nutritional Myths and Facts” by Dr. Francis Vala at 2:30 PM on Sunday June 8th. 2014 at the John Braithewaite Community Centre (JBCC) located at: 145, west 1st. Street, North Vancouver, BC. Admission is $2.00 to be paid at the door. For more…

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Promotion of Mental Wellness


Current educational and health care systems – at community, national, and international levels – are deficient in programs and resources that focus on the prevention of mental illness and promotion of mental wellness. Instead they are focused on curative programs. We need more proactive and preventative programs to teach individuals at very early stages of…

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Who are you???


From a psychological point of view, every human being has two identities. The true identity, hereby expressed as “YOU” with capital letters, is your unconditioned divine self that came with you since birth, and even before birth with the consummation of the sperm and egg. The false identity, expressed as “you,” becomes your reality. It…

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The Dilemma of Insanity


Insane behaviors and thoughts are nothing unusual in today’s world. So why is that? The answer lies in one word—survival. The primary function of the body is to protect us biologically, through the brain, and for the mind to protect us psychologically, through the ego, from any perceived threat. The secret lies within the autonomic…

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Human Behavior


The TFA model (attached is an image of TFA core triangle) has been widely accepted in modern psychology as a principle of human behavior. These three factors are connected to one another. It means that if one point of the triangle changes, the other will follow. So if you wish to change one of these…

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The Complexity of our Brain


Science will eventually unveil myths about our brain, mind, and body, and we will progressively have a better understanding of the connection between our internal and external worlds. This may have both negative and positive impacts on our society and us. The complexity of our brain, with its, unlimited unknowns, is an opportunity for us…

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Daily Distress


In an ideal world, it would be tremendously invaluable to have Life Skills Institutes with coaches all across the world. Facing daily distress in different forms is inevitable, and whether we like it or not we are subconsciously and constantly using defense mechanisms to deal with them. The sooner we become aware of what is…

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Defense Mechanisms


The concept of the defense mechanisms of ego is one of the most profound, mysterious, and under-attended areas in psychology. It is the root of almost all social problems and diseases, such as crimes, prostitution, and addictions. It is one area that even most psychiatrists and psychologists do not feel comfortable dealing with. It often…

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Coping Mechanisms

coping mechanism brain mental health

In today’s complex life and bizarre world, it is impossible to avoid distress. At the same time, there is unlimited exposure to pleasurable experiences. Learning how to manage pain and pleasure is not an easy task. It requires significant knowledge and understanding, a desire for optimal living, and some will power. Mother nature has done…

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Religion and Spirituality


Religions are composed of different components under one umbrella: spirituality, organization, politics, and protocols. Essentially, the most important and only element common among all religions is spirituality—the very concept consistent with the human spirit! It is also the highest purpose of all religions. All other elements are only varieties in expressions or presentations of religion.…

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