The Ego


The ego’s most fundamental principle is survival. Its primary job is to protect you, not necessarily to make you happy. While the unconscious mind fulfills this task primarily through physiological phenomena, the subconscious mind (primarily the ego) ensures emotional, mental, and psychological survival! The defense mechanisms of the Ego are extremely clever and powerful in…

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Understanding Spirituality


In order to understand spirituality, it is critical to understand the difference between truth and reality. Our understanding and perception of life (reality) is what the subconscious mind tells us. Which may not necessarily be what the truth of life is. Let’s not get too carried away with what we think–it may only be an…

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The Third Vision Book News

Third Vision Book News     I am very excited to announce my recent partnership with Black Bond Books in Lynn Valley Mall and Nima Bookstore on Lonsdale ave regards the third vision book . You can now find this Third Vision Book News online all across the world, and on the shelves in retail…

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What is the ‘Third Vision?’


So what is the Third Vision, and what are the First and Second Visions? The First Vision is a purely physical sense with no judgment or interpretation. It exemplifies a camera lens. There is no intelligence, and the “physical eye” is the observer. For example, when you look at a chair using your first vision,…

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