The Dilemma of Insanity

Insane behaviors and thoughts are nothing unusual in today’s world. So why is that? The answer lies in one word—survival. The primary function of the body is to protect us biologically, through the brain, and for the mind to protect us psychologically, through the ego, from any perceived threat.
The secret lies within the autonomic nervous system of the brain, consisting of sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. During distress, the sympathetic system takes control, enabling you to prepare for fight or flight. Two main mechanisms happen in this mode, explaining why it is so challenging to maintain sanity in today’s extremely stressful environment;
1. Due to sympathetic over-activity, the blood circulation is redistributed to the organs and body parts more critical for fight or flight—the musculoskeletal system. Your arms and legs are flooded with blood, bringing more oxygen and energy to either protect you or help you run away from danger. Keep in mind that this takes away blood from other vital organs, such as the kidneys, heart, brain, liver, etc.
2. Similarly in the brain, blood is shifted to the parts that are more critical in reactive thinking (subconscious), as opposed to the ones involved in proactive thinking (conscious). This is why we are generally less intelligent during distress. Meanwhile, the ego follows its most basic instincts in attempt to ensure its fundamental responsibility—mental survival.

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