How to achiever your Dream/Purpose in life

Hello everyone,

Are you challenged with how to make your dream come true in life? Looking for a road map to get you there effectively and timely?

You’re invited to our next seminar on “How to achieve your dream in life”. These are more workshop style using a tactical approach to help you design a road map to your destination. The sessions are meant to be fun and interactive and we can socialize after that. For optimal benefits, please read “The Third Vision: The science of personal transformation”. 

Please invite anyone within your network of friends/family who you think would be suitable for the H.E.A.T global community. The perfect candidate would be: 

1) interested and willing to make a difference in their life and other peoples’ lives (aligned), 

2) be open-minded and willing to challenge previous conditioning of the mind, 

3) desires to achieve their highest level of potentials in any of the 4 foundations of life (Body-Mind-Soul-Social Aspects). 

I’d appreciate if you could confirm your attendance and let us know how many prospects you will be inviting. 

Looking forward to seeing you on Sep. 29th.


Uncle Francis