Greed is a social illness, defined as an excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth. The key word here is excessive.

Today, human greed has become a global epidemic and a major threat to the existence of the entire planet. Rapid growth in global population, emerging markets outside North America and Europe, “Westernization” of cultures throughout the world, change in purchasing mechanisms and strategies (such as credit cards), international trade agreements, and many other factors play a role in the exponential growth of global consumerism and greed. The momentum has picked up, and the snowball effect is likely to perish the limited global resources, unless a change in culture occurs today!

The dilemma is that the rate of exponential growth in greed among the world’s population far exceeds its collective mental and cognitive capacity, creating an imbalance between the unlimited desires of human beings and their social conscience.

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