The Rational Brain

rational brain

The raw material for the complex neuronal network (the hardware) does exist, but due to the lack of exposures and experiences (the software), it is not developed yet. The trillions of synapses are waiting to be wired and molded together as newborns receive signals from the world around them, and the synapses form new junctions and patterns as they continue to learn. The neopallium, or rational brain, mainly responsible for the conscious mind, is not developed yet in an infant or newborn. The network and development of this part of the brain (the neocortex and mainly the prefrontal cortex) starts forming in early childhood but continues to evolve very slowly throughout the entire life. This explains why “a child is a child,” and why many adults are just being “big children”. Despite having the material for the rational brain, it never develops to full capacity.

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