Spirituality has been defined in numerous ways.

  • A belief in a power operating in the universe that is greater than oneself.

  • Awareness of the purpose and meaning of life, and the development of ultimate personal growth and absolute values.

  • An ultimate or alleged immaterial reality.

It’s the way you find meaning, hope, comfort, and inner peace in life. It is your view and vision of the world that determine how connected you are to your source, the universal spirit, universal energy, higher intelligence, God, or whatever you wish to name it.

It is the mind that chooses the lens to see the world through!

In order to understand spirituality, it is critical to understand the difference between truth and reality, as described in chapter 2 of The Third Vision. Our understanding and perception of life (reality) is what the subconscious mind tells us, which may not necessarily be what the truth of life is. Let’s not get too carried away with what we think — it may only be an illusion!

“Life = real life (truth) + what we think is real life (perception of life)”

The point is that each of us live in our own mental world, our reality about the world. But we may be totally off track. The truth of the world is not necessarily how we perceive it (our reality)!  Understanding this concept allows us to re-define and co-create our reality in such a way that suits us.


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