The Secrets of Attraction


What are the laws of attraction?

Are there any principles of attraction in this universe? How can we become more attractive?

Why do we even need to be attractive?

Attraction is a fundamental phenomenon, essential for reproduction and survival of generations, genetically encoded in each of our cells and evolved over billions of years. The key to survival of life over three billion years, since the first protocell (cyanobacteria), has been reproduction. The tree of life has evolved through asexual reproduction (agamogenesis) in the initial protocells (prokaryocytes), to sexual reproduction (gamogenesis) in the more complex cells (eukaryocytes), which later on evolved to form the fungi. Two organisms with complementary reproductive systems are naturally attracted to each other. This results in love making and the reproduction of offspring –and life goes on in the species.

As life became more evolved and sophisticated, so did the apparent laws of attraction. In mammals and human beings, certain physical characteristics, such as appearance, odor, and taste, are more sexually attractive than others. In the humans today, attraction has different forms and versions: physical (which may be sexual or non-sexual), and non-physical (mental, spiritual). In the general population, the latter is often referred to as a person’s “energy level” or “karma,” which can attract others. Generally speaking, high or positive energy is attractive, and low or negative energy often drives people away.

In humans, attraction seems to be involuntary and unintentional. We often do not know why we are attracted to a certain color, odor, or body figure, etc. It is a subconcious phenomenon, until we become aware of it after observing a repetitive pattern. This highly suggests that the related areas in the brain are predominantly subcortical (mainly in the limbic system). For example, most psychologists would agree that a child’s sexual attractions are formed by the age of ten.

Why and how do these form in our brain?

Are there any patterns among the laws of attraction?

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