The Soul and the Divine Consciousness: Who Are We?

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The subconscious mind creates an illusion of who you truly are. The reality of you (what you appear to be) is different from the truth about YOU. It is not intelligent enough to tell the difference. It confuses your thoughts, emotions, and actions as YOU and continues to protect them as you, your identity, and your self. It is extremely important to understand and be aware of the fact that YOU are not your thoughts, emotions, or actions, but rather the formless soul behind those. Your mind (TFA) and body are all manifestations of YOU, not the actual YOU! YOU are your soul, the spirit, the pure consciousness (capital C) that is the same nature of divine energy, intelligence, and matrix, of the same essence as the rest of the universe! Consider a goldsmith who creates pieces of jewelry from gold. He artistically creates a beautiful golden earring of a certain size and shape. Let’s say that happens to be the apparent you. What is the apparent you made up of? Gold. What are the properties and characteristics of YOU? It is the matrix and formless substance that gold and all other matter was originated from. The same substance that 4.6 percent of the universe is made from!

But when it comes to humanity, there is one other major difference: YOU also have a touch of the goldsmith, the creator! In other words, YOU are the co-creator of you and have a major role on how to relate to your past, and shape your present and future. YOU are the created (object) and co-creator (subject) at the same time – the observed and the observer. It depends on how you perceive or view the world.

That is the whole point of these discussions. To this date, no one has entirely figured out the nature and essence of the goldsmith, the creator and source of the entire universe. Many people call it God (or similar versions in different religions), Source, Universal Intelligence, Universal Energy, Universal Matrix, etc. It may take decades centuries, or millennia before we can find out the Truth about the source… or maybe never! However, we do not need to wait until then to figure out our own role in shaping our destiny and having better control over our lives!

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